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Version One

Brand Book


December 2019

This brand book contains the verbal, visual, and applications of a sketchbook app I created called Version One. Within my own creative practice, I have found myself at times where I want to continue a sketchbook and to practice creating daily, but lack an idea or inspiration. Version One is the app meant for every artist to continue their practice every day. Every day, Version One sends users a "word of the day" to conceptualize an idea into their own artistic vision. After your daily sketch is finished, you can post it on the app for others to get inspired by, or view others work from that day to inspire yourself. The brand's general aesthetic was inspired by my own sketchbook practices that I found helped me become more inspired. Through challenging myself to sketch every day, I found that my art and ideas were able to flourish and grow from what they once were. This app is not only for an artist to build up their own work but to build others. Version One serves as a community for artists who want to see each other grow and create.

90 - Multiple Postcards.png

Below is the full presentation of the brand book. Click on the gallery to view in full size and view descripitions of the slides:

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