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Electra Heart

Editoral Design


December 2018


This was a 6x6" book studying the concept album called "Electra Heart" by Marina & the Diamonds. Inspired by the main character "Electra Heart" and her different archetypes, I was curious to explore the themes of America in this concept album and how each song fits into each archetype.

Electra Heart is the embodiment of the American Dream. Her persona is crafted as a woman's experience living in America and the struggles they face. Included in the archetypes is the Teen Idle, Primadonna, Su-Barbie-a, and the Homewrecker. Each is a variation of a specific American woman and their emotional, tragic journey. It's a very well crafted album that inspired me to create an homage to their stories.


6 x 6"

52 pages

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