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Kanye Best

UX/UI Design with API


May 2019 began as a class assignment that required students to create a dynamic and interactive site using an API. For this project, I was inspired by an API I found called that generates a random Kanye West tweet. I wanted to create a site that ironically represented the outlandish tweets, while also playing with type and hierarchy to make reading the tweets a dynamic and pop experience.

This site had plenty of customizations added to enhance the user's experience on the site, such as a Kanye West head favicon, changing Kanye West heads for the background that pops up, a Kanye West head cursor, and a custom domain name. Also, when the user hovers over 'new tweet,' an audio clip of Kanye West saying his iconic, "HAH?" plays.

I found that a number of his quotes were quite inspirational at their core, thus I decided to call the website, "Kanye Best"

You can visit the site live at the link below:

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