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You're Worth the Room

BFA Communication Design Thesis

April 2021


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, I spent a fair amount this year examining the physical and emotional relationship of people to their spaces. The pandemic has abruptly changed our relationship to our spaces; where being home once felt more like a home base has now become our entire world. Our communities are often seen as prisons to escape one day rather than areas can can appreciate in this moment now. Rather than allow ourselves to wallow in our homes dreaming of a distant place, I’d like to challenge this phenomenon and see if there’s a way to embrace our extended times in our most immediate spaces.


You’re Worth the Room is a game made of three decks meant to challenge different layers of space humans interact with on a daily basis; the community, the home, and the self. In this thesis, my goal was to explore the idea of “taking up space” and using space as a tool to heal during this time of stagnation.

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